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We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.

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We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.


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      Bed Bug Bites

      An adult bedbug can grow to a considerable size, up to the size of a 5 pence piece and due to this can be easily seen. Due to this and the fact the bedbugs sense the warmth and co2 that we omit they are usually seen at night.

      To add to this elusive behaviour when bed bugs bite they inject an anaesthetic in order to disguise the bite and if bitten you will not feel the initial nip.

      What Bed Bug Bites Look Like

      As everyone is different the reaction to bites is different from person to person. Due to this is hard to identify what a bed bug bite looks like. Some people develop angry rashes, or experience bumps and swelling, whilst others will not experience any symptoms.

      Although it can be difficult to determine if a bite was caused by a bed bug or another insect, there are ways to rule out other insects. If you feel a nip when the bite occurs, and are mainly bitten on your extermities, such as ankle or wrist, it is more likely the problem is fleas, for example.

      If the bites are noticed later and appear on your torso, neck, hands, arms or upper legs thye are more likely to be bed bug bites. It is also noted that bedbugs are known to bite several times in a single feeding session, often in threes. If you notice more than three bites, especially in different areas of the body and in a straight line or a triangle, this could suggest more than one bed bug has fed.

      bedbug bites

      If you notice any bites please give us a call and one of our experts will be able to assist.

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