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Bed Bugs Eliminated Guaranteed

We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.

Insect Heat Treatment Specialists

We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.


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      Heat Treatment will eradicate a bed bug problem on the same day.


      Symptoms vary between rashes, bumps and swelling to no signs at all.


      Pestcos specialise in the eradication of all pests across the UK.


      Treatment for Bed Bugs

      Bedbugs naturally hitchhike to get around, what this means is they are very easily spread from place to place, Attaching themselves to your luggage or clothing they often find their way to people’s sleeping quarters.

      With such efficient air travel and increasing numbers of hotels, hostels and shared accommodation it is no wonder bed bugs have been on the increase for decades.

      We are proud to be one of the leading bed bug treatment companies in the country taking many of our techniques from methods developed over in the US.

      Our treatments include the industry leading bed bug heat treatment as well as the top chemical spray treatments and non toxic applications.

      We also have the ability, using trained bed bug sniffer dogs, to detect the smallest level of activity of bed bugs within any property in minutes. To find out more call our helpful team on the above number.

      bed bug removal

      Our pricing is always competitive, and with the best possible service
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      *Any advertised pricing is for a standard extermination ONLY, subject to survey and nest being classed as located low level (below 1st Floor guttering), standard size and flexible with access days and times.

      Insect Heat Treatment

      Whether your having problems in your home or business, and no matter the insect, no infestation is too big or too small.


      Bed Bug Removal

      Bed bug problems are initially very difficult to diagnose, often people are being bitten and simply cannot understand why.

      When it comes to the eradication of bedbugs the most effective treatment bar none is the method of using heat to destroy the infestation. Bedbug heat treatments have taken the industry by storm as they provide same day guaranteed eradication.

      Other methods available include the traditional chemical spray course of treatment which is a very effective method, however it takes longer to be totally effective, freeze treatments for luggage and clothes and non-toxic treatment for vulnerable areas.

      Get Rid of Bed Bugs

      We use the most up to date methods and chemicals to give the customer the quickest and most comprehensive results in the industry, and because of this, all of our services are guaranteed.

      As one of the leading pest control companies our team of bed bug specialists understand the stress of a bed bug problem and are at hand to advice and guide you to total bed bug eradication. Call today, you will not be disappointed.

      Identifying Bed Bugs

      However, before long evidence will become noticeable in the form of blood spots (their droppings!), physical sightings (the bugs themselves!), casings (their skins!), white pods (their eggs!) and of course as they establish their bites become more often and therefore more irritating.

      Evidence will often be found around the bed and bed frame including close by skirting boards, floors and other furniture.

      For leading bedbug control services in your area from a company qualified by CEPA, call us now on 0330 053 6126