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Bed Bugs Eliminated Guaranteed

We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.

Insect Heat Treatment Specialists

We specialise in heat and chemical techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.


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      Bed Bug Extermination

      Bed bugs often cause a significant distress to those whom experience an infestation in their home or workplace. Bed Bugs Gone understand the importance of exterminating infestations completely, totally and discreetly.

      This is why we have a trained, knowledgeable dedicated bed bug team on hand to discuss, reassure and remove bed bug infestations as soon and stress free as possible.

      Bed Bug Specialist

      On the subject of rapid extermination, we often recommend our industry leading heat treatment as we guarantee to remove any bed bug infestation within 24 hours. However in addition to this, our specialist chemical treatments are carried out using the most up to date and effective chemicals.

      For those worried about transferring bed bugs in belongings, we have a purpose built freezer facility dedicated to eradicating bed bugs from clothing, furniture, suitcases and suchlike. Bed bug freeze treatments are a hassle free way of removing bed bugs from such items.

      Any bed bug issue big or small then our expert team of bed bug specialists are on hand to discuss, just pick up the phone.

      bed bug removal

      Our pricing is always competitive, and with the best possible service
      for a free quote give us a call on 0330 053 6126

      *Any advertised pricing is for a standard extermination ONLY, subject to survey and nest being classed as located low level (below 1st Floor guttering), standard size and flexible with access days and times.

      Insect Heat Treatment

      Whether your having problems in your home or business, and no matter the insect, no infestation is too big or too small.


      How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

      Unfortunately there are no effective home remedies for exterminating bed bugs, and often any attempt is in vain. Your best bet is with out a doubt to contact a professional bed bug specialist such as Bed Bugs Gone.

      Generally speaking the heat treatment is the advisable route as this is the quickest way to exterminate any infestation of bed bugs and this kills the bugs at any stage of the life cycle, including the eggs. For your information this cannot be achieved by chemical treatment alone.

      However chemicals can also be effective, but you may need multiple treatments meaning the desired extermination often takes a lot longer. Bed bugs have been known to grow resistance to chemicals, avoid chemical sprays and therefore scatter through the property.

      For leading bedbug control services in your area from a company qualified by CEPA, call us now on 0330 053 6126